Patricia Bearden
Patty's daughter, Stephanie
Graduated from H.H.S. in 1986. Fond memories from high school include basketball season, my former boyfriend David Buzzard, my good & close friends, basketball teammates, and cool teachers. I also enjoyed the half of my junior year spent attending Mannheim High School. After graduation, I decided to stay in Germany.

Played (and still do, but not as competitive) for a German basketball team since graduation from high school. From 1986 - 1988 I played on the same German team in Leiman as Tanja Poslik (another 1986 H.H.S. graduate and former varsity b-ball player).

Got married in 1990, gave birth to my wonderful daughter, Stephanie, and made my first trip to the U.S. Lived in Rio, Wisconsin for two months and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for about three months until I decided to return to Germany late early 1991. Got divorced sometime 1992.

1992 began working full time for the University of Maryland European Division and continued pursuing my educational & career goals. 1997 I earned a B.S. in Psychology. May 2001 I plan to graduate with a M.A. in Counseling and Personnel Services. Currently I have two more courses to go. Yes!!! I was recently (Oct. 2000) hired as the Assistant Director
for our Professional Development Program.

My daughter is 10 years old. She is attending a German school and doing very well. She is also involved in extracurricular activities,to include basketball and music (flute). My parents still live in Germany and are both doing well. I live in the Heidelberg Weststadt, about a 10 minute walking distance from downtown.

I fondly remember the good times at Beer & Pretzel, Fritz's, The Cave, T-Bar, the castle (Prom), Neckar Wiese, & other places. I often reminisce about these good times when strolling downtown or visiting DoDDS schools.

I have been in contact with other former H.H.S. alumni to include: Vellma Hamm, Leeann Vigue, Katja Hornbeck, Tanja Poslik, Michelle Johnson (Tomes), Johnny Overcast, Ricky Denburg, Monica Denburg, Troy Richardson, Michaela "Micky" (Ostrander) Hrabe, Andre Royal. I periodically run into to some of my former DoDDS teachers, to include. Wes Sisson, Dick Baxter, Rich Bennett, Ms. Sullivan, Vivian Harrell, Ms. George.  I would very much like to hear from other former H.H.S. alumni.

Patricia Jameson (former Bearden)